Paramitra Equity Fund

Mutual Funds are an alternative investment for the community of investors, especially small investors and investors who do not have much time and expertise to calculate the risk of their investment. Mutual Funds are designed as a means to raise funds from people who have capital, have the desire to invest, but only have limited time and knowledge. In addition, Mutual Funds are also expected to increase the role of local investors to invest in the Indonesian capital market.

Generally, Mutual Funds are defined as a Container used to collect funds from the investor community for further investment in a Securities portfolio by the Investment Manager.

Referring to the Capital Market Law No. 8 of 1995, article 1 paragraph (27) is defined that an Investment Fund is a container used to collect funds from the community of investors to subsequently be invested in securities portfolios by investment managers.

There are three things that are related from this definition, namely, First, there is funding from the investor community. Second, the fund is invested in a securities portfolio, and Third, the fund is managed by an investment manager.

Thus, the funds in the Mutual Fund are mutual funds of the investors, while the investment manager is the party that is trusted to manage the funds.

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